Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


OMG... Just think about how many lobsters I'll be able to buy!!! Oh joy!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


that would be all.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It is still warm but no longer sweltering, the wind is cooler and the days are getting shorter. Cardigans and scarves are finding their way back into my wardrobe and soon I need to go shopping for a pair of warm boots.. Yup, Autumn is on its way alright.
There is something about this time of year.. I am beginning to look forward to classes and seeing my friends from uni again, I'm even starting to get slightly excited about the 5 km bike ride to campus (scary, eh? But it'll pass, I'm sure..)!
I've never been a fan of summer to be honest.. surely, those first few weeks of sunny weather are nice enough.. but then comes the sweating, the sunburns (which will eventually lead to skincancer, I'm sure) and various vampiresque insects that seemingly live off of human flesh alone.
Autumn, on the other hand, is so much more pleasant, the temperature is moderate and there's no crazy wildlife, aka insects, looking to feast on your body (gimme a break, I'm Danish insects are the only wildlife we have!), and I can finally sleep with my big fat comforter instead of just a blanket.. The best part, however, is that it is completely acceptable to stay on your couch and watch Twin Peaks three nights in a row, no one will judge.. because it's autumn and that's what people do, right?

Do you feel it too?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

it may be somewhat faded..

but it's still there.

silly, eh?

(it rained today)


At one point while watching Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic a few nights ago, I suddenly got the urge to watch some (but preferably all) of the original Jacques Cousteau documentaries.
I've always been strangely fascinated by these kind of documentaries..
People like Jacques Cousteau and Thor Heyerdahl were my heroes when I was a kid (strangely enough I was never really that popular..).

Someone please stop me before I pay a ridiculous amount of money for this boxset.

(or even better, tell me where I can find it cheaper than this..!)
(or wait. EVEN better, tell me I'm not the only one with this obsession.)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lately, I've found it increasingly hard to stay optimistic. I don't know..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

twirly, twirly

At one point in life
you will realise
that there are just
certain things
that you will never
be able to have..

In my case,
twirly moustaches
are one of those things.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

i shall do more good deeds..

Such as:
  • Pick up the pacifiers of stranger's kids when they spit them out whilst on public transportation, even if it means that I get the kid's drool all over my hands.
  • Get up so seniors can get my seat on the bus, even if they seem really bitter and smell bad.
  • Converse more with homeless drunks, even if they just wanna ask me out.
  • Compliment people's shoes and ask where I could get a pair, even if they are hideous.
My aim is to make the world a better place by doing those four things.
(Did I mention that I hate public transportation?)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i was born fifty years too late..

One of my all time favourite photos. However, that should have been a cigarette in his hand, not a pair of sunglasses.

Friday, June 5, 2009

things in boxes

(yesterday, in a box i'd forgotten even existed, i found this big pile of old letters)

a bunch of letters in airmail envelopes, awkward handwriting and drawn hearts, from when we spent months apart, written at a time when there was still a naïve hope for us.

a few short letters, in that messy handwriting that was so strangely unlike mine, written at a time when all of her care and concern felt almost suffocating.

one letter that was almost impossible to read because he had no strength left in his hands, written at a time when we all knew that it was just a matter of months.

a couple of letters, handwriting almost like mine, in the envelope was faded pictures of their little family, written at a time when i still looked up to him.

several postcards, in that well-known round schoolgirlish handwriting, silliness, inside jokes and stories, written at a time when we were absolutely inseparable.

(things change)

Monday, June 1, 2009

all i really know is that..

That's one helluva squirrel.

Yes, that's right. I have become one of those people who post pictures of cute things on their blog.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

'i'm with the band..'

I have a weakness.. It's called rss.
I'm subscribed to all sorts of pages, mainly really poor ones.. A few (and by a few I mean a lot) of these pages are ones that feature upcoming/lesser known indie bands. In the beginning I read those religiously but now I just sort of skip them, cause let's face it, there's a lot of crap out there.
Today I decided to actually read one of these articles and check out one of those featured bands, and with the lowest expectations possible I followed the link to their YT channel and pushed the tiny 'play' button on one of their videos. I must say I was positively surprised.
The band is Said the Whale and the song is 'This City's a Mess'.

It'll make you smile (and possibly dance), so check it ooooout!

Okay, I might be a year or so late on this one, but hey, this video is bound to improve your Sunday slightly (and make the world a better place in general).

You're ever so welcome.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

come on.

Whilst researching for a paper on Edward Hopper I came across this quote:
Hopper and Hemingway, we might conclude, both have a penchant for modernization by conservative means. This would seem to be part of the reason for their success. However, it would be mistaken to overstress the parallels between the two. Bullfighting, for instance, did not appeal to Hopper at all.
WTF is that? What does bullfighting have to do with either art or literature?? Perhaps, I should pick my sources more carefully.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

must. share. this.

..and of all songs, they were blasting 'Take on Me' by a-ha. Imagine that.

Monday, May 11, 2009

space is delicious.

So, most of you probably know already, but for those of you who haven't heard it yet: I've like been to space.
And I mean it was ok, I guess.. But when I got back people just went like totally crazy.. I guess you all like wanna see the pictures and stuff, right?

You know I was like 'seriously, you don't need to take my picture.. it's just like outer space you know, it's like nothing..' but then they were all like 'OMG you've like totally just travelled with the speed of light through far off galaxies and stuff you're like gonna be like totally famous, like zomg!' and then I was like 'whatever, it was like no big deal'...

It's true.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


don't ever settle for it.

settle for 'extraordinary'
settle for 'amazing'
settle for 'mind-blowing'
settle for 'fantastic'

or maybe even 'great',

but what ever you do, don't ever settle for 'nice'.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Le trip.. (part uno, perhaps?)

I've never been particularly proud of my Photo Shop skills.. However, that will not stop me from sharing these wondrous pictures with you. This is a tiny and VERY exclusive selection of the cheesiest moments from my trip to the States.

The lovely ladies with whom I went.. We're cool and we know it, obviously.

At Simone's in the East Village - the most brothel-like bar/café I've ever visited.. I'm so coming back to that place.

Need I say more?

Things worth knowing about me #1: I have a secret UPS truck fetish. It's true. I think it's the combination of brown and yellow.. hot.

Road tripping in a rental car from DC to NYC to watch some hockey game at Madison Sq. Garden - "Well, hello there Mountain Dew"!

At previously mentioned hockey game... Apparently I am a Ranger?! Oh well, at least they sold hats and alcohol. ("Great game!")

Yours truly, doing her laundry at a LAUNDROMAT(!!!) whilst having breakfast (aka coffee).

Two camera whores way too self absorbed to even notice each other's cameras (wait, did someone say white aviators?)..

It's true. I really do.

Really, it was great. I met amazing people and I kinda fell in love with NYC.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

sounds of the universe. . .

I believe in paying artists, especially musicians, for their work. However, I also think that it is perfectly fair to take the material for a 'test ride' before actually purchasing an album. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'll most definitely buy an actual copy of the album on the 20th when it is officially released, and it'll undoubtedly be a moment of terrible excitement when I finally hold the CD in my sweaty little hands.
But until then..

Lying on a hard wood floor with my headphones on, at 2am Friday night, listening to this, is pretty much as good as it gets.

Tracks 4 and 7 are my favourites so far.
Especially 7, actually.. Wow.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a brain that hurts (i have)

And these are some of the reasons why..
  • I have to decide on what to do for the next two semesters by Friday
  • Accidentally cut my own hair. Yeah, I know.
  • That dream I had the other night
  • Invited la familia over on Sunday and it is expected that I cook
  • Lack of DM concert tickets
  • I have a mortgage(!)
  • My windows are dirty
  • (Too much) licorice flavoured ice cream
  • Discussion about religion with (former best) friend, resulted in me not being invited to her kid's christening (must learn to shut up.)
  • The fact that I'll be leaving in exactly 1 WEEK (aka excitement)

Wow. I thought there would be a lot more reasons but that's it, really. Practically nothing, eh? Oh life, you could be worse.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

'f' is for flannel

There once was a girl who watched 7+ episodes of My So-Called Life in one day, this left her with an incredible urge to own all things flannel, listen to Crowded House, dye her hair red and do early 90s related things in general (and go on a date with Claire Danes).

Hopefully she'll snap out of it pretty soon, but who knows.. it might last a while.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

i need...


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

things i've found

So, I've always been fascinated by the animation in the video for Röyksopp's 'Remind Me', it is just so amazingly well put together.. If you're into electronica at all, you will know and LOVE this tune (at least for the dreamy vocals by Erlend "Kings of Convenience"/"Whitest Boy Alive"-Oye).. It's so addictive.

Anyhow, this morning I found this video on le tubes.. It is a reinterpretation of Red Riding Hood and the animation is (very) inspired by the Röyksopp video above. It was apparently done for a school assignment - impressive. The music is pretty terrible, so you might wanna mute it. However, I'd say that the animation is pretty damn brilliant.
Check it out..

Ah, I wish I had ideas/talent like that..!

(Wtf, Blogger? AGAIN embedded videos eat up half of my side bar..!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

javier and vampire boy

Okay, there's no easy way to say this..
I accidentally watched Twilight tonight (only it wasn't accidental).
Here are my thoughts on it..
  • That vampire guy is not bad looking, not at all.
  • It is like watching a Harry Potter movie, only with less wizards, more vampires and no magic. Or maybe one could say that it is like an emo version of the typical high school chick flick?
  • That vampire guy is not bad looking, not at all.
  • My favourite part was when they played vampire baseball.. wtf?!
  • That vampire guy is not bad looking, not at all.
  • Oh, and apparently there are good AND bad vampires, who knew?
  • That vampire guy is not bad looking, not at all.
Uhm, that pretty much sums everything up. I guess I just got over that kind of movies a few years ago. But yeah, vampire guy = sexy.

Haha, I have no idea who that vampire dude is.. I really should insert a picture of him here, but I can't be bothered to google it right now. I did, however, have this wonderful picture saved on my laptop for no particular reason... Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men, the Coen brothers are pure genius and Chigurh is one of my favourite movie characters (mainly because of his haircut), ever.
Hmm.. perhaps they should have casted Javier for Twilight.. Just to give it that slightly psychotic twist that we all love so very much?

Man who hires Wells: [about Chigurh] Just how dangerous is he?
Carson Wells: Compared to what? The bubonic plague?

(Meh.. I have other things to write about too, but that'll have to wait. Right now I'm on a kick with these super superficial kinda posts, it seems)

Monday, March 16, 2009

'Mankind is No Island'

I want to share this short film with you. It is the winner of Tropfest NY 2008, you may have seen it already, but I just discovered it a few days ago.

Everything about it seems so simple and honest, the way in which the words are filmed and put together is perfect and the idea behind it is great.. Music and images are both so heartbreakingly beautiful.
I think this is possibly be the best short film I have seen. Ever.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

spring, shopping and general excitement

I suppose my blogging has not been the most uplifting to read the past few weeks, but today that will change. Cause today I bring you.... THE SUPERFICIAL SHOPPING BLOG - YAY!!!
It is March already, which means that spring is here (or at least it should be), and today I felt this great need to go shopping and buy some spring-ish things. And yes, I'm gonna share them with you.. Well I won't actually be sharing them with you, but you know what I mean!

Picture time... (Haha, I bitch about daily booth being narcissistic.. and instead I do a blog full of pictures. Oh, the irony of it all..)

Green plastic flower thingies for mah hurr...

Swallow earrings... (perhaps I should have invested in a manicure instead.. I suck at the whole nail thing, obviously)

Lovely purple shoes..

And travel books...

Wait. WHAT!? Mm Hmm.. Looks like someone is going transatlantic in April (this would be the general excitement part, in case you were wondering).
Yup, my university is arranging an excursion to the States which means that I'll be spending around two weeks on the other side of the world. This will be the first time that I travel outside of Europe, and I am so freaking excited! So guys, stuff to see and do in NYC and Washington DC?? I need suggestions, GO-GO-GO!
The fact that I had to prostitute myself in order to afford the trip.. Well, that's a different story that I really wouldn't wanna bore you with.

Like I said in an earlier post, I need 2009 to be amazing. I guess all I have to do is make it happen.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

i have

eyes that are weary
and fingers that are crossed.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

there's someone i'd like you to meet

Today I needed her more than ever.

This morning I found out that my 'remaining parent' is sick.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

oh parents..

You've gotta love them.

My dad always calls me on Sundays.
If he happens to be passing through Copenhagen, he doesn't call to tell me that he'll be stopping by for a cup of coffee.. Instead he calls me to ask if there's anything in my apartment that needs fixing.

It's the little things..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


2009 will be great.
It has to be.
I cannot have it any other way.
I can't.

One family can only take so many unfortunate events.
I believe we took more than our share in 2008.
I need for this to not be what I fear that it might be.

We will know on Tuesday.
All I can do is to hope for the best.

So here I am, hoping.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


(I've entered the 21st century and purchased a webcam.)

Monday, February 16, 2009

lyrics of wisdom (?)

I think this might be the wisest lyrics ever written (at least when it comes to the subject of love and gin).

Love is Like a Bottle of Gin
(by The Magnetic Fields)

It makes you blind, it does you in
It makes you think you're pretty tough
It makes you prone to crime and sin
It makes you say things off the cuff
It's very small and made of glass
and grossly over-advertised
It turns a genius to an ass
and makes a fool think he is wise
It could make you regret your birth
or turn cartwheels in your best suit
It costs a lot more than it's worth
and yet there is no substitute
They keep it on a higher shelf
the older and more pure it grows
It has no color in itself
but it can make you see rainbows
You can find it on the Bowery
or you can find it at Elaine's
It makes your words more flowery
It makes the sun shine, makes it rain
You just get out what they put in
and they never put in enough
Love is like a bottle of gin
but a bottle of gin is not like love

Friday, February 13, 2009

ninja with a broken dream

I wrote a song. Or well, I wrote the lyrics for a song and I can't quite figure out which chords to add. It's gonna be a big hit, I can feel it.

I should very much like to have your opinion on this (in my own very humble opinion) master piece.

I think I shall name it 'The Ninja Song'.

As a young ninja I often asked myself

What's left for me on life's top shelf?

My future plans they were big and vast

I wanted to be a famous ninja blast

I had a ninja dream, it's true

I had a ninja dream, that's right

I wanted to be like Hattori Hanzou-san

But I had no money to go to Japan

My ninja training was thus postponed

But in my mind the thought still roamed

After years of kicking and sneaking in vain

My ninja skills were still nothin' but plain

While the other ninjas became super tough

I seemed to be stuck at “wax on, wax off”

I secretly practiced for the Great Attack

The other ninjas were laughing behind my back

To swing the samurai sword to me

Proved to be much harder than seen on TV

I knew I'd be a mediocre ninja at best

I'd probably not even pass the ninja test

My dream of ninja-ship and KungFu

Was left in the stinky gutters of Kathmandu

It's a pretty sad story, I know.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but life isn't always rainbows and butterflies, kids. It's tough out there in the real world, even if you're a ninja.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

skipping down the street

It seems that yet another Norwegian band has won over my heart. On this very fine Sunday afternoon listening to this tune just made me wonderfully happy.
So this is me sharing it, and hoping that it'll do the same to you.

Ladies and gentlemen.. Skipping Down the Street by My Little Pony

Go on. Love it.

(Also, doesn't Google do both Blogger and YouTube? Blogger isn't quite ready for the whole widescreen thing, it seems... This looks terrible. Google fail. What's the name of that Google boss again? Anyway, perhaps I should take over his position. And then the world. WHAT? A girl can dream, right?)

Friday, February 6, 2009


- Why do we feel it’s necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?
- I don’t know. That’s a good question.
- That’s when you know you’ve found somebody special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence.

Monday, February 2, 2009

wtf, internet?!!

Omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg I think I just had a blogasm!

If you by any chance should share my fetish for LP cover art, do yourself a favour and check this out. I just found the site this weekend and it is simply too good not to share (oh, and if you knew about this and didn't tell me... how could you?!).

Here are a few of my favourite pieces of cover art that I found over there... Ehm, I think they preeetty much speak for themselves, right?

Hours and hours of endless fun, guaranteed.
You're ever so welcome...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

return to cynicism

I have a bubble.
A bubble in which I have been spending a lot of time lately.

Where good-heartedness and naiveté pays off in the end.
Where truly good intentions exist.
Where lying on a hard wood floor, listening to music makes everything better.
Where day is night and night is day.

It's time to snap out of it. It's just a bubble after all.
I'll miss it though.

(Today is... Dream On by Depeche Mode)

Friday, January 30, 2009



So I finally framed that album cover...

And I bought these..

Oh, and laughed at this... (beside empty cans of laughing gas!!)

Also, I fell in love with this (song and video, both)

Hope that you are all well.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

'd' is for dilemma.

To share or not to share?

Hmm, ever since I wrote yesterday's blog post I've been very close to deleting it several times. The second part of that post was extremely personal. Maybe too personal. I don't know.
Sometimes I just get this need to write things like that down. It's a way of dealing with everything, I guess.

This was originally a very long blog post on the complexity of choice of career, education, job and all that jazz. About choices in life in general. Something that has been occupying my mind a lot lately.
However, since writing that just left me even more confused on the matter I decided to delete it. Following sentence is what remains of that post, make of it what you want...

There are two things I don't want in life: the colour beige and the word nice.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

cohen and regrets

It's funny, when I have nothing to write about I always post random junk like this.

I want this...

I really do.


One year ago, on the 18th of January 2008 to be exact, I found out that she was sick.
It took less than a year.
One year.

I remember that my dad was the one who picked up the phone. He normally never did that. At that moment I knew that something wasn't right.
I made that call on a Friday.
Sunday I went to Budapest for a week. I still feel so, so bad about the fact that I did that. I should have stayed at home with her and the rest of my family.
Of course I should.

It was all so unreal. It still is.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

dance, dance, dance, with me...

How can you not love charity shops? Today I went vinyl hunting in my home town and ended up picking up a lot of 80s crappiness (which I love). However, that is not what I wanted to share with you today.

I found this old German record which has what is possibly the best cover art I have ever seen. Seriously, how great is this...

I love everything about it.

The title Tanz, Tanz, Tanz, Mit Mir translates to Dance, Dance, Dance, With Me.
I am going to get a frame for this and hang it on my wall (since the music on it is absolutely terrible).

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a mind that wanders (i have)

I'm writing this whilst sitting on the train, passing through small towns in which I could never see my future self reside...

Having picked up my crappy latte at the 7eleven closest to the station from which today's journey started, I decided that today I would use the time of my upcoming one-hour train ride wisely. And by wisely I mean writing a, by my standards, quite long blog post on people and public transportation.

I will not be writing about the old lady who entered the bus shortly after me and for whom nobody bothered to give up their seat, the three 15-year-olds sitting in the very back of the same bus listening to some r'n'b tune out loud on one of their mobiles nor will I write about the old man who desperately tried to hide his 11am drunkenness in ways that were only too obvious. No, I will not be writing about these typical moments that one always seem to encounter when venturing out into the jungle that is public transportation.

Instead, I will try to capture this one short moment that I experienced, which somehow triggered a small train of thoughts. It did not last for long, but somehow it left me with this feeling of... hope, perhaps?

On the previously mentioned bus I just happened to end up sitting next to 'the scribbling boy'. Actually, I doubt that he should even be referred to as a 'boy' since he was about my own age, that was just the name that instantly popped in to my mind when I saw him. Because that was exactly what he did, scribble. And he wasn't just scribbling on a random piece of paper or some cheap calender or notebook. No, he was doing his scribbling in a black Moleskine notebook. Yes, my dear reader, people like that do actually still exist.

See, we are actually talking about a medium sized notebook here, and I think that he managed to write two full pages or so while I sat next to him, which couldn't have been more than about ten minutes. Oh, I would have given anything to get to read those pages. I tried to sneak a peek but it was just impossible to do so without seeming overly creepy.

I can't seem to stop thinking about people like that. I wonder if this guy had an entire collection of black Moleskines at home with every single page filled from top to bottom with thoughts, memories, stories, poetry... words. The art of scribblery in all its wondrous forms and shapes.

People don't scribble any more, at least not the people I know. I do scribble sometimes, but not in the intense way that this guy did, 'the scribbling boy'.

I blame technology.

No. Blogging does not count as proper scribblery in case you were wondering.

Monday, January 19, 2009

eye infections are sexy.

except, they're not.

(admit it, when you read the title you were secretly hoping that there would be a picture)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


These may be hard times for dreamers but all in all, I think we are doing quite alright.

Monday, January 12, 2009

s-s-shake it!

Is there any greater joy than that of finding an old hat that you thought had gone missing?

(Fact of the day: yellow tights are not as great as you may think. They make you look as if you suffer from some disease that makes your skin go yellow. Not cool. Yes, I am wearing yellow tights at this very moment.)

Oh, and poladroid rocks by the way. Go check it out. Now.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

the making of..

My niece made this heart out of some plastic beads and gave it to me on my birthday in December. So in theory I basically collab'ed with a 4-year-old on this one...

I placed a fridge magnet with the word 'love' on it on top of the heart, and took this photo...

I imported the two images above into Sony Vegas. Using 3 layers/video tracks, I played around with the masking tool a bit, then adjusted the contrast, brightness and colour balance in order to make the heart fade in and out and gain its red colour in the end. I finished off by chopping Moby's 'Porcelain' into pieces and adding it to the soundtrack.

This is the result: