Monday, June 23, 2008

bonus info

and by the way, the pulp album has not arrived yet... bohoo

coolness can be bought

'first day of my life' by bright eyes has been playing on repeat all day long (and made me cry once), fabulous dresses bought on ebay (new obsession) have arrived, five bananas and a litre of milk have been purchased from the supermarket across the street AND tomorrow is the day of my final exam - yeiks!

thinking that blog layout needs to be changed- too dark and winter-ish.... thinking that new camera must be bought so pictures and videos can be uploaded.... thinking that i will appreciate this blog in 10-15 years.... thinking that i must insert masterpiece here:

this is a picture illustrating the weather outside at the moment... i believe it is called summer?!

i will be going now, will be facing my worst fear tomorrow... must prepare!

out she went