Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a brain that hurts (i have)

And these are some of the reasons why..
  • I have to decide on what to do for the next two semesters by Friday
  • Accidentally cut my own hair. Yeah, I know.
  • That dream I had the other night
  • Invited la familia over on Sunday and it is expected that I cook
  • Lack of DM concert tickets
  • I have a mortgage(!)
  • My windows are dirty
  • (Too much) licorice flavoured ice cream
  • Discussion about religion with (former best) friend, resulted in me not being invited to her kid's christening (must learn to shut up.)
  • The fact that I'll be leaving in exactly 1 WEEK (aka excitement)

Wow. I thought there would be a lot more reasons but that's it, really. Practically nothing, eh? Oh life, you could be worse.


Matt said...

You're a busy lady, but at least none of these points are the traumatic type. I think I shall follow your lead and post my own bullets. Are you really going to visit the United States? How exciting will that be?

Andrew said...

Cutting your hair is always a good idea. From the picture in the next post, it looks great. =]