Friday, February 13, 2009

ninja with a broken dream

I wrote a song. Or well, I wrote the lyrics for a song and I can't quite figure out which chords to add. It's gonna be a big hit, I can feel it.

I should very much like to have your opinion on this (in my own very humble opinion) master piece.

I think I shall name it 'The Ninja Song'.

As a young ninja I often asked myself

What's left for me on life's top shelf?

My future plans they were big and vast

I wanted to be a famous ninja blast

I had a ninja dream, it's true

I had a ninja dream, that's right

I wanted to be like Hattori Hanzou-san

But I had no money to go to Japan

My ninja training was thus postponed

But in my mind the thought still roamed

After years of kicking and sneaking in vain

My ninja skills were still nothin' but plain

While the other ninjas became super tough

I seemed to be stuck at “wax on, wax off”

I secretly practiced for the Great Attack

The other ninjas were laughing behind my back

To swing the samurai sword to me

Proved to be much harder than seen on TV

I knew I'd be a mediocre ninja at best

I'd probably not even pass the ninja test

My dream of ninja-ship and KungFu

Was left in the stinky gutters of Kathmandu

It's a pretty sad story, I know.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but life isn't always rainbows and butterflies, kids. It's tough out there in the real world, even if you're a ninja.