Wednesday, May 20, 2009

come on.

Whilst researching for a paper on Edward Hopper I came across this quote:
Hopper and Hemingway, we might conclude, both have a penchant for modernization by conservative means. This would seem to be part of the reason for their success. However, it would be mistaken to overstress the parallels between the two. Bullfighting, for instance, did not appeal to Hopper at all.
WTF is that? What does bullfighting have to do with either art or literature?? Perhaps, I should pick my sources more carefully.

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Andrew said...

Hemingway loved his bullfighting. There's a 1932 NY Times article titled "Hemingway now writes of bull-fighting as an art." So that's what it has to do with both art and literature, all in one sentence. =]