Friday, May 1, 2009

Le trip.. (part uno, perhaps?)

I've never been particularly proud of my Photo Shop skills.. However, that will not stop me from sharing these wondrous pictures with you. This is a tiny and VERY exclusive selection of the cheesiest moments from my trip to the States.

The lovely ladies with whom I went.. We're cool and we know it, obviously.

At Simone's in the East Village - the most brothel-like bar/café I've ever visited.. I'm so coming back to that place.

Need I say more?

Things worth knowing about me #1: I have a secret UPS truck fetish. It's true. I think it's the combination of brown and yellow.. hot.

Road tripping in a rental car from DC to NYC to watch some hockey game at Madison Sq. Garden - "Well, hello there Mountain Dew"!

At previously mentioned hockey game... Apparently I am a Ranger?! Oh well, at least they sold hats and alcohol. ("Great game!")

Yours truly, doing her laundry at a LAUNDROMAT(!!!) whilst having breakfast (aka coffee).

Two camera whores way too self absorbed to even notice each other's cameras (wait, did someone say white aviators?)..

It's true. I really do.

Really, it was great. I met amazing people and I kinda fell in love with NYC.


Matt said...

Some thoughts as follows: UPS, synchronizing Hanne's love of yellow and brown.

The Starbuck's Siren loves you too!

Poking fun at big butted Americans while sitting at the laundromat, plus drinking and wearing baseball caps at a hockey game? Now I know you are a REAL American!

Shaelan said...



Andrew said...

Next time, go to Seattle, home of the original Starbucks (the logo on the store still has the original, nude mermaid). ;-]

(the word verification is "shktops" which made me think of "shock top" ale.)