Thursday, April 24, 2008

me... the layout genius??


new look

i need some spring colours on this thing!


i don't do this often enough....

tomorrow i'm going on a trip. to a secret place. by bus. and boat. i will eat. and sleep. and return home. just in time.

i've become addicted to online shopping.... so easy and convenient, bought 2 shirts, a blue top, a wonderful belt and a pair of yellow shoes/sandals! next month i need to get this amazing red summer dress and plenty of other stuff - aaah!
considering to get a drivers license this summer.... but is't so expensive!
.......................i'm out.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Too much red wine?

Hell no! so I've been having a great day so far, I'm ahead (or at least not behind) in most of my classes and feel really well prepared for a change - the best feeling ever.... however something evil is lurking in a very near future, or two evils actually!
evil no. 1: need to to a 5 min oral presentation for my 'oral proficiency' (spelled right??), no subject is being forced upon me so I can choose pretty much whatever for this presentation but i really hate doing it!!! And if i don't do a presentation it means that the class is failed... and that would be a waste! so i need to get started on the preparations for this... or at least find a subject that i know something about.
evil no. 2: oral exam in British literature AND history.... this one is definitely the worst one! don't get me wrong i love the class but just the thought of this exam gives me the creeps. thing is we have 2 different teachers, one for the literature part and one for the history part (apparently no funds for 2 separate classes, that's uni of cph for you alright...) the guy who teaches us the history part of the course is super cool and really knows how to communicate with the students and an oral exam with him would be great... but the one teaching the lit part is so unlike him! yes he knows his stuff and no doubt that he is very qualified for his job... it just seems that he has been in the academic world for way too long and somewhere along the way started taking himself WAY so serious! SO thing is the university can only afford that one of these teachers is present during our oral exam, and we will not know which one before hand! and that is just mean! right?
pheeww, so i got that off of my chest.... what a relief!
i just ordered the first 2 seasons of 'sex and the city' online (the other four are on my shelf already), i feel a marathon approaching, it's gonna be great... and the movie is coming out soon as well!
SO all in all a really great day except from the two evils... I've been shopping, studying, baking, relaxing AND blogging. maybe it's some sort of good karma.... what good deeds can i have done to deserve this... BUT hey maybe it's just the whole 'winter is gone' thing that just makes you feel super good? summer is coming soon and i cannot wait :-)

ending this now..... happy, happy, happy!