Friday, June 5, 2009

things in boxes

(yesterday, in a box i'd forgotten even existed, i found this big pile of old letters)

a bunch of letters in airmail envelopes, awkward handwriting and drawn hearts, from when we spent months apart, written at a time when there was still a naïve hope for us.

a few short letters, in that messy handwriting that was so strangely unlike mine, written at a time when all of her care and concern felt almost suffocating.

one letter that was almost impossible to read because he had no strength left in his hands, written at a time when we all knew that it was just a matter of months.

a couple of letters, handwriting almost like mine, in the envelope was faded pictures of their little family, written at a time when i still looked up to him.

several postcards, in that well-known round schoolgirlish handwriting, silliness, inside jokes and stories, written at a time when we were absolutely inseparable.

(things change)

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