Tuesday, December 2, 2008

you are important to me

Saturday: what do you do when your older brother cries in your arms
Sunday: how do you leave your dad alone in an empty house
Monday: I am not able to cry. Why am I not able to cry
Tuesday: still no tears
Wednesday: today I'll put on my brave face and hope for tears to come


Andrew said...

Just because you don't cry doesn't mean you don't care. I hope you're able to find some healing somehow, even if the tears don't come.

Canadian Ninja Monkey said...

Dear Hanne,

The tears might take a while. I cried at my dad's grave during the funeral. After that, nothing. Not until maybe 5 years or so went by. Danny Boy was one of his favorite songs. I learned to sing it after he died. I sang it to myself off and on for years just like any other tune, and then one day I couldn't get through a verse without crying.

I have no idea how long it might be for you, but don't think there's something wrong with you if you don't cry soon. The process of grief works in its own time.

Good luck, blessings and peace to you.

Rosequirk2789 said...

Healing is a long process. Even just realizing how and why you need to heal is a long process.

All of your interwebz pals are here for you <3

Shaelan said...

Like Rose said healing is a long process, also that all of your internet friends are here for you. To hold your hand and, in due time, let you cry on their virtual shoulder.

disa said...


I LOVE YOU said...


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