Saturday, December 20, 2008

a whole lotta blogging

Well, what can I say. I just feel like writing something which is not related to the role of the presidency in modern American government. So a blog post it shall be...

Today I've been decorating my apartment (it's quite late, I know) I haven't really been in a Christmas kind of mood at all this December, but then today it hit me right in the face - and it felt good. I've been listening to Chris Rea's 'Driving Home for Christmas' all day whilst drinking cinnamon/vanilla flavoured coffee. AND I also managed to put together a short Christmas video, hooray for me.

School has been killing me lately, I had to do a 15 min presentation on 'Punk and Thatcherism' which I barely survived and at the moment I'm struggling with a 10 page essay on the US presidency which is due on Monday, then I have Exams on the 2nd, 6th and 8th of January - two of which i feel completely unprepared for. I know I could easily get a sick note and just take them this summer instead, but then that would just give me a double up of exams in June... gah. There's no easy way around it I suppose.

And then there's my little Christmas shopping issue, I thought it was a really clever decision to purchase all of them online about a week ago, however, only ONE has actually turned up.. which means that the rest will not arrive in time for Christmas, so yeah, I'll have to go christmas shopping on Monday the twentyFREAKINGsecond of December - GREAT!

Okay, despite the obvious self pity in 2nd and 3rd paragraph of this blog post, I would like to announce that I am feeling quite happy today, and I am looking forward to spending Christmas studying.

Q: which song makes you feel christmas-y?


Shaelan said...

fireworks? sounds nice...

dont worry i just got a christmas tree today!

Andrew said...

School was killing me too, I wrote a 12 page research paper in 11 hours, starting the research after I got back from taking a final. After I finished that I finished off my five page essay and finally got to relax. Exams after the holiday! Denmark needs to modernize, that's just cruel.

Matt said...

Ah, school sounds good to me at the moment, *sigh* not there yet. Lots of Christmas gifts under our tree, more than I've seen in many years! Hmm, I've been keeping busy with my Secret Santa project, gotta make it before the 24th!

X-Mas music, how about the song "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch"?

mike said...

Hello Hanne,
very nice video and sound! I wish you a merry x-mas!
greetings from Germany Mike