Friday, January 2, 2009

more stolen goods

Explanation, please?

If what you want and what you need happens to be the same thing, then what? But then again, that rarely happens, does it?


Rosequirk2789 said...

That graph really... really confuses me.

But, I've been thinking and dealing with the difference between need and want so much lately!

I know what you mean gurrrrrl.

Matt said...

This illustration appears to show a relationship between these things after they have been untangled, but I think IRL these remain tangled up together, wrapped around what could be considered destiny. Thinking about this makes my head sleepy!

Chris Eff said...

It would appear the likelihood that you'll ignore the necessities of life and end up achieving something which resembles your dreams is unlikely. And the likelihood that need and want could ever be the same thing is very slim indeed. Unless you're homeless, naked and everyone hates you. Then, that could possibly ring true.

Chris Eff said...

But essentially, the graph implicates that love is so far from what we actually need in life, despite all the energy we waste wishing we could find it. I think it's suggesting that improving our realities is a more worthwhile endeavour than daydreaming about distant possibilities.

Shaelan said...

this does not compute.