Saturday, January 10, 2009

i like short blog posts these days

'Fellas, coincidence and fate figures largely in our lives.' (lame Twin Peaks quote that got me thinking)

The idea that our lives are in one way or another predestined, the belief that some sort of power which predetermines the events in our lives exists.

I don't believe in fate (at least I don't think I do).

I believe in coincidences and in choices. I believe that we shape our own lives via the choices we make, however peripheral they may seem at the time. Coincidences can be seen as a result of our choices, I suppose.

It should be quite simple really, life.

P.S. I feel like travelling.


Matt said...

This might seem lame, but reading "zero declarations of love" just forces me to leave a comment...uh, I mean Show Some Love!

You're right about choice: we shouldn't use fate to excuse ourselves from having responsibilities. I feel so pedantic!

Shaelan said...

"i met a traveler from an antique land."

Rosequirk2789 said...

I really want to travel, as well.
I think it's kind of a mixture of "what's meant to be" and choice. I'm not sure really. But the mixture is what I'm happy with.

.. maybe that's a cop out answer?

Andrew said...

You should travel to the 'states and say hello. =] Also, fate is bogus, except in that somethings are destined to go poorly. Like if you stuck your hand in a bag of knives or something. But you still choose that fate.