Wednesday, October 22, 2008

coffee, lots of it

I have not been able to focus on anything lately, let alone my studies.. Three more semesters and I will have my bachelors degree. That's an effin' year and a half!
Listening to Death Cab and drinking coffee, almost slept until noon.. need to do a translation essay for next week and I haven't even read the book yet!

I've become slightly addicted to Twin Peaks, and by slightly I mean completely! I simply love it.. Last time I watched it I was like 5 and the only thing I really remembered was the theme (which is great as well). I especially love those amazingly funny one liners of Agent Cooper.. this might very well be my favourite tv series ever.

Maybe I will go to university with my 'morning hair' today.


Andrew said...

My friend and I have been getting together and watching twin peaks for awhile now, we're into the last few episodes of season two. I think it's definitely my favorite live action show, and is up there for favorite tv show period. As for your morning hair, I thought it looked cool in the picture so I hope you went with it =]

Duck in a thingy guy said...

Hi Hanne! Yeah, I still have 4 years before I receive my BA, oh joy...well I'm working on a BA in music, what area are you working on? Sorry if you already told everyone, maybe I wasn't listening.

Chris Eff said...