Thursday, February 28, 2008 shopping?

waiting, waiting, waiting for some clothes i ordered online... actually I think I'll have to send it all back, it seemed pretty nice when I looked at it online, but somehow I have the feeling that i will be super disappointed when I receive it! But we will see... maybe it'll turn out great!
One thing I love to buy online though is MUSIC, there is no better feeling than coming home from a long day and when opening the door there's this little square package lying in the hallway just waiting to be opened.... and heard! I tend to forget what specific Cd's I have ordered so it is like a present for myself, how GREAT is that??? I just got Oasis' 'Definitely Maybe' two days ago and it is absolutely fantastic, at the moment I'm looking for the Pulp album 'Different Class' which was for some unknown reason not available at and that really sucks! Yep, brit-pop is having a well deserved renaissance on my stereo and I've been missin it sooo much. Used to be a big Blur fan when I was a teenager...
Anyhow, so this clothes I ordered online from American Apparel is supposed to be arriving today, but it looks like I'll have to wait another day for it (boohoo), so guess I'll never buy clothes online again. That is unless it turns out to be super successful and the best clothes ever, but somehow I doubt it... Hopefully I can return it.... gulp!

I've just been cleaning my bathroom and god how I hate doing that... Seriously if I had the money I would pay somebody to do it!!! EEEEEK! AND I also just finished my reading for tomorrow something that came completely uexpected, really two days ago I made a deal with myself that it was ok not to read this text... I am amazed by my own self diciplin.

UUUUH.... EDIT, EDIT, EDIT.... ups- guy just rang my door bell and delivers American Apparel package..... exiting!!! will open straight away..... a catalogue.... old school green running shorts.... cooool navy dress.... a red hooded sweat shirt which I might return.... see pictures below....need to go and try this on!!!

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