Tuesday, March 11, 2008

random stuff AND easter!

.......so i go a new neighbour and seriously, that is like the best thing that has happened ever! before this super noisy crack head was staying next door; he was playing nothing but the most awful techno-crappy music one could ever imagine.... and at all times of the day from 7am until late, late night! HE WAS HORRIBLE! AND NOW HE IS GONE..... YAY!!! celebrating all over the place right now....!
So, easter is coming up- fantastic! i am not going back to school until the 24th this month, need to study a bit thought but i guess i can live with that... but i can just stay at home and do absolutely nothing at all?? no... obligations!!! have tons of people that i need to catch up with/go see so i will be busy as hell, and then there is work on top of that.
a great thing happened at work today actually... or well not actually AT work but i got a niiice e.mail from my boss, confirming that i can start doing some day shifts instead of ruining every friday night with a shift, which is really great... now i can actually enjoy my weekends - what a luxury!
WHO THE HELL INVENTED THE INSERT BUTTON??? IT MAKES NO SENSE, WHO ON EARTH USE THIS KEY??? I'LL BET THAT THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO IS NOT ANNOYED BY THAT STUPID KEY! this one definitely goes under the category - 'things that should not exist and never have been invented'..........!


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