Thursday, February 21, 2008

2nd day...

Sooo, still in denial about this whole blogging thing... What to do??? I need to get a camera though so I an post some pictures and stufffffff.... otherwise this is gonna end up as a pretty boring page, but who cares? Anyhow, I need to prepare some super notes for my two history classes since I've read around 1000000 pages or so (and my memory is not the best) - EXCELLENT way to spend a thursday afternoon! Lately I have been kind of distracted by something... One Tree Hill!!! I've become addicted, and seriously it's not even a good show, still everytime I'm supposed to be studying or doing anything else really, I find myself watcing this kind of crappy show... Grrrrrrrreat! That's really something to be proud of, huh? But not today, today I'm gonna be the super-student... the super-nerdy super-student actually... starting now.... right now!!!!

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