Thursday, December 16, 2010

i know that nobody reads this anymore. i know.

i've been watching old videos etc for the past hour or so and it made me miss the way things were. a lot.
made me miss the friendships, the late night skype conversations and such.

i used to feel at home here, now it's just, i don't know... different. people are gone. have moved on.

is it weird that i miss internet friends that have now become irl friends? i suppose so.

this is probably gonna be my last entry here. i've lost interest and touch.. and so it is.


Andrew said...

I still read this! ...Well, if there was anything new to read, I would read it. Case in point, right now. It was new, I read it. Fancy, I know.

I miss internet friends, even if they are also IRL. The internet is a different interaction. Like, there was this cool dane that made videos and wrote blogs, and they I met her, and it's be downhill since.

Matt said...

Did we secretly agree to compete over who could ignore the Internet for longer and go without posting videos or blog entries? Because I think I'm winning...but I miss you and the stuff friends made. Everyone dropped at once, so weird.

Matt said...

Come on now, I could use some more fluffy hats. (rain we have plenty of thank you) I'm going to keep coming back until I get those hats!

june said...

I bet more people still read it than you'd guess. Or, maybe not. I've noticed that a lot of the youtube/bloggers I used to follow aren't around anymore. It is kinda a shame. Maybe they'll end up coming back, or maybe we'll nestle ourselves in a new community of people.

june said...

flufffyyyyyyyy hatsssssssssssssss