Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It is still warm but no longer sweltering, the wind is cooler and the days are getting shorter. Cardigans and scarves are finding their way back into my wardrobe and soon I need to go shopping for a pair of warm boots.. Yup, Autumn is on its way alright.
There is something about this time of year.. I am beginning to look forward to classes and seeing my friends from uni again, I'm even starting to get slightly excited about the 5 km bike ride to campus (scary, eh? But it'll pass, I'm sure..)!
I've never been a fan of summer to be honest.. surely, those first few weeks of sunny weather are nice enough.. but then comes the sweating, the sunburns (which will eventually lead to skincancer, I'm sure) and various vampiresque insects that seemingly live off of human flesh alone.
Autumn, on the other hand, is so much more pleasant, the temperature is moderate and there's no crazy wildlife, aka insects, looking to feast on your body (gimme a break, I'm Danish insects are the only wildlife we have!), and I can finally sleep with my big fat comforter instead of just a blanket.. The best part, however, is that it is completely acceptable to stay on your couch and watch Twin Peaks three nights in a row, no one will judge.. because it's autumn and that's what people do, right?

Do you feel it too?


JC said...

summer sucks! i have sunburns and my skin is red and i didn't mean to get this sunburned and stuff. and i just woke up and i'm still snoozing. -.-

Matt said...

Yesss! I feel it too, plus we have bugs the size of people in this state. I'm also getting tired of our torrential summer downpours that pop up randomly.

Yves said...

My favorite time of year

Andrew said...

Among a slew of other movies I've picked up recently by trading in crap for store credit, I got Mulholland Dr. So I'll be on the couch Lynching it up one of these days too =]