Wednesday, August 27, 2008


today i finished John Green's book, looking for Alaska.
it basically tok me less than 24 hours to get through it which i guess is a good thing, for its genre i must say that it is good, however i had kind of an empty feeling after having finished it, as if something is missing - i don't know what.
however it did inspire me to purchase a used copy of Famous Last Words: The Ultimate Collection of Finales and Farewells, that should be interesting.

talking about reading, i also have a ****load of studying to do for my postcolonial studies course which starts in less than a week, however, since it is a history course it should be fairly interesting and easy to get through.

this weekend is gonna be pretty much fully booked for me, i've taken a lot of extra shift at work (i have ordered a new fancy laptop which sadly needs to be paid for) plus i have to go and visit my family as well. busy me!

oh my, what a long entry....

i better end this now.

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Andrew said...

I thought looking for alaska was rather good, it struck me as well crafted, though I can see what you mean about lacking something that you can't place. Did you read it in danish or english? The last words were quite interesting, let me know how the book goes. Hope that, despite the tears, you are well.