Thursday, May 29, 2008


soooo, ten page essay about freedom and race can now be considered done! what a relief, at first i really did not think that i was gonna make it, now it is just to hand it in tomorrow and enjoy a sunny and hopefully super-warm weekend.
uh, i found the pulp album, which i have been looking for for ages, online yesterday... so now i am waiting in excitement, at the same time i accidentally bought some clothes online as -really gotta stop that though, becoming a very, very bad habit!
so, i wanna travel, now! i've been considering amsterdam actually, (not for the legal drugs but for the canals), seriously though, i need to get away from here... a short trip would do really, no demands of caribbean islands or the bahamas from me, even london would do! or malmö! my last exam is on the 23rd and then i need to work for a while... and then i wanna go... away.... far far.... away! maybe just a cheap vacation to somewhere sunny.

i do enjoy having a secret and superficial blog.

secretly superficial.

superficially secret.


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